Happy 70th Birthday Images, Wishes, Quotes, Sms, Msg

Happy 70th Birthday Images, Wishes, Quotes, Sms, Msg

Happy 70th Birthday Images, Wishes, Quotes, Sms, Msg. Happy 70th Birthday. I pray for divine grace on this your birthday. Good health, strength, and happiness shall never depart from your dwellings.

Life at best is brief, but yours has been on the path of success and happiness. So shall it ever it be even as you grow older. Happy 70th birthday.

Wishing the greatest Dad in the world a wonderful 70th birthday celebration. Dad, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for grooming me into the man/woman I’ve become. I would be nobody without you.Thank you for making me somebody. I love you with all my heart, Dad.

Mum, anytime I look into your eyes, I could see and feel some of the pains and stress we put you through when we were young and stubborn. As I wish you many wonderful and fruitful blessings on your special day today; I pray you will eat the fruits of your labor on us, your children. Happy birthday, Ma.

Happy 70th birthday wishes

  1. Happy 70th Birthday Images, Wishes, Quotes, Sms, Msg
    Happy 70th Birthday Images, Wishes, Quotes, Sms, Msg

    Happy 70th Birthday. I pray for divine grace on this your birthday. Good health, strength, and happiness shall never depart from your dwellings.

  2. Wishes for Grandma’s 70th Birthday
    Wishes for Grandma’s 70th Birthday

    As you celebrate this very important milestone of your life, I ask nothing but God’s divine blessings and grace in your life. May you be blessed beyond your wildest imagination, dad. Happy 70th birthday!

  3. Greetings for Grandpa’s 70th Birthday
    Greetings for Grandpa’s 70th Birthday

    As special and important the stars and the moon are, so also are you a special mum to me. Today, as you mark your 70th birthday on Earth, I wish you a fabulous birthday full of gifts, joy, blessings!

  4. happy 70th birthday image
    happy 70th birthday image

    To the world’s greatest UNCLE, happy super birthday to you as you clock 70 today. I celebrate you today, my dear uncle, and wish you all that your heart yearns for in these gray hair ages and beyond. May you live to be 100 years and more.

  5. happy 70th birthday image
    happy 70th birthday image

    For your love, patience and care whenever we come for holidays, I cannot but wish you lots of wonderful things on your birthday. Aunt, I hope you have a very glorious birthday today. May you continue to age with grace from 70 and above.

  6. happy 70th birthday mom
    happy 70th birthday mom

    Wishing a fabulously happy birthday celebration to my ever beautiful grandma. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing person like you as my grandma. As you celebrate this beautiful day, I hope you remain ageless, grandma.

  7. happy 70th birthday dad
    70th birthday dad

    To my best and only Grandad in this world, words are not enough to express my joy on this special day of yours. As you celebrate 70 years on Earth, may you enjoy more love from your children and grandchildren till your last days.

  8. happy 70th birthday wishes
    70th birthday wishes

    Congrats on your new milestone, I wish you all the best in the future, and happy 70th birthday!

  9. happy 70th birthday wishes
    70th birthday wishes

    The age of 70 marks a unique turning for joy and grace. You shall continue to enjoy this turning forever. Amen. Happy 70th Birthday.

  10. happy 70th birthday auntie
    70th birthday auntie

    All the good things of life shall never depart from you as you age higher. You shall be a continuous blessing to all those around you. Happy 70th Birthday to you!

  11. Greetings for Uncle’s 70th Birthday
    Greetings for Uncle’s 70th Birthday

    Let’s dance to the music, just like we used to years back, come on, happy 70th birthday, friend.

  12. Grandpa’s 70th Birthday
    Grandpa’s 70th Birthday

    Dad, I believe today will bring lots of great memories to your heart because it’s your special day. Happy glorious 70th birthday to my strong pillar of support. I am so proud of you, Dad.

  13. Grandma’s 70th Birthday
    Grandma’s 70th Birthday

    Mommy, on your birthday today, I wish you lots of cakes, chocolates and blessings. Lots of love to my best friend and mom. I wish you a very long life, so you can enjoy all the blessings of God. Happy birthday, Mom.

  14. Grandma’s 70th Birthday
    Grandma’s 70th Birthday

    Happy 70th birthday to you old geezer, I look up to you and hope someday I’ll grow to be as old and as jovial as you. May everything work out for you!

  15. happy 70th birthday mom
    70th birthday mom

    On this great day, which marks your 70th year of being a blessing to your family, friends and the world at large, I just wanted to say “Thank you for always being the best aunt in the world”. Happy 70th birthday.

  16. happy 70th birthday quotes
    70th birthday quotes

    To me, you are the most wonderful and inspirational man to have as an uncle. Your lifestyle is a beacon for success for many young men out there. Happy 70th birthday!

  17. happy 70th birthday dad
    70th birthday dad

    Happy birthday, Granny! Your wisdom, love, and experience in this life are heavenly. This world has been lucky to have you for 70 beautiful years. May you keep on being the great blessing that you are.

  18. happy 70th birthday pictures
    70th birthday pictures

    Incredible grandfathers like you are very special to have. You are definitely one in a billion and for this, I give you my utmost respect and love. Happy 70-year anniversary!

  19. May this 70th year of your life bring better health, more love and a lot of memorable moments. Have a hearty birthday and may you remain blessed.
  20. Age is just a number and you prove it in your own special ways. Happy 70th Birthday!
  21. God has taken you this far, and he will surely make you see many more years ahead. I am glad you have been around to impact me with your wisdom. Happy 70th birthday.
  22. Turning 70 is one of the major event in life, so be proud of it, own it for it is your day as well!
  23. Turning 70 might be a huge thing for others, but for you I know it’s just a number. Happy Birthday!

  24. A lot of people dread turning seventy but I know you do not, I’m happy for your big day too!
  25. You really inspire me in a very positive way. I wish you all the love and happiness on this 70th birthday of yours. Happy Birthday!
  26. Daddy, anytime I look inwards, I see how your fatherly love, strength and wisdom have made our world beautiful. Even in another world to come, I can never wish for another Dad. Wishing you many more years of wisdom on this your special day. Happy 70th birthday.
  27. Anytime my friends ask me who among them is my best friend, they get jealous when I mention my mom as my best friend.  How can I make them understand? They were not there from the beginning like you, mum. You made me who I am today. I wish you all the desires of your heart and God’s blessings on this your special birthday. Happy birthday 70th birthday, sweet Mom.
  28. To my one and only Uncle, I wish you wonderful memories of goodies you can ever think of in life. Happy 70th birthday. May you live to enjoy many more years on Earth. Uncle, happy birthday once again!
  29. Glorious wishes to the world’s greatest Aunt! You’re my mentor and friend. Thank you for making such a wonderful impact in my life. As you mark another decade on Earth, I wish you nothing but the sweetest things in life. May all your dreams and goals in life never play hide and seek with you. Love you!
  30. Grandma, are you sure you are 70 years old today? You look so young and beautiful. On your special day, I wish you many more years of graceful aging in peace, good health and prosperity. Happy 70th birthday, my beautiful grandma.

  31. Happy birthday, grandpa! You look awesome for someone who has just turned 70! I hope today turns out to be one of the happiest days of your life. I love you, grandpa.
  32. 70 is not a natural age to come by. Only God can make us see this age, and I wish you many more years ahead and strength to carry on.
  33. Every milestone is tricky on their own but this seventh one is truly a blessing happy bday, you!
  34. In friendship, age is no bar and our friendship proves it. Be as jolly and happy as you are, always. Love you friend. Happy 70th Birthday!
  35. You have given so much and I hope it’s time you get some of it back for your 70th birthday, may this day put an everlasting smile on your face.
  36. They say old is gold, but seeing you age really proves the saying, you grow wiser, heartier and happier each time. Have a peaceful 70th birthday!
  37. Happy 70th birthday, you are one of those people who are good at what they do, you rock.
  38. On your bday show the world how strong you still are at 70, have fun on doing that now.
  39. I really want to be as cheerful and active as you are, when I turn 70. You are an inspiration. Happy 70th Birthday!

  40. I love the way to take life and I have learned a lot from you. Sending lots of good wishes on your 70th birthday dear granddad/grandma. Happy Birthday!
  41. You have blessed me with so much in your 70th; I thank God for you each day. May this birthday make all the desires of your heart come to pass. Have a good one.
  42. Many have fallen by the way, but God has been here to see you through the thick and thin. I wish you many more years ahead. Happy 70th birthday.
  43. I can still reminisce our old good times together like we used to, happy 70th birthday, friend.
  44. Let’s go out and show the world that age is just a number by partying late night and dancing our hearts out. Happy 70th Birthday!
  45. You have been around for a long time coming, and your works and labor have affected me positively. I pray strength and grace be released to you on this your 70th birthday.
  46. Strength, power, good health and supply I pray for you this day on your 70th birthday. You are a big inspiration to me. Happy Birthday, 70-year-old!

  47. You may be seventy but that does not mean you should just disregard it, have a good party!
  48. Never allow anyone to ruin your dreams, you can still have more today, happy 70th birthday!
  49. Thank you for being kind, generous and caring to me, you have really turned my life around. I hope your 70th birthday is as graceful as you are. Enjoy!
  50. May this 70th birthday give you endless love, happiness and a lot to look forward to. You are a legend and we love celebrating you.