Happy Women’s Day Messages, International Women’s Day SMS & Wishes

Happy Women’s Day Wishes – Quotes & Sayings

  1. A graceful woman gets strength from troubles, smiles when distressed and grows even stronger with prayers and hope. Wishing you a very happy women’s day, so be grateful because today is your day!
  2. When the world was created, you were created to beautify it and you have certainly done a great job because the world is smiling at you today.
  3. Wishing every WOMEN  a Happy WOMEN’S DAY! Women – Such a beautiful miracle of God ♥ Mother – Wife – Sister – Daughter – Girlfriend
  4. To me, a woman is symptomatic of a number of feelings, listening with a patient, looking with love, swallowing the pain quietly, taking care of my dreams even when I am in sleep! Never lose the charm, keep it warm!!
  5. You are the fountain of life. You are a resilient river that travels a long distance, carrying everything on her shoulders but finally reaching her destination.
  6. U can get her love in the form of
    Sister, Friend, Beloved, Wife,
    in the form of Mother
    in the form of Grandmother…..
    so,…..Respect HER…
    She is a Woman!
    Happy Women’s Day!
  7. A woman should be like a flower: beautiful, fresh and blooming. Dear women, may you always be wonderful flowers, but not dried herbarium! Happy Women’s Day!
  8. It’s Women’s day! Feel special and unique on the top of the world!
  9. Women are always a source of inspiration for the family and the society. Happy Women’s Day to you!
  10. Today is the day when all women on Earth should and must be happy. And our task is to bring them this happiness not only this day but during the whole lifetime. Because women really deserve it. Happy holiday!


Best Women’s Day SMS, Facebook and WhatsApp Messages to send Happy Women’s Day greetings

  1. Wishing you a day filled with goodness and warmth,
    Wishing you happiness… today and forever,
    Happy Women’s Day!
  2. When the world was created, you were also created to beautify it. You have done your work perfectly for all the world is smiling for you today.
  3.  A woman brings us on this earth,
    She nurtures us day and night
    She makes us what we are today,
    We must together take an oath,
    To help her nurture herself!
  4. On this International Women’s Day, remember that as a woman, all life spring from you. So look at the world and smile. For without you, there would be no life.
  5.  Listening carefully, understanding with patience, supporting through thick and thin, caring heart and always being there are synonymous with the word lady to me.
  6.  This day belongs to you. May you prosper and stood to affirm in the course of life
  7. This day is just to celebrate your existence! I wish you blossom like a beautiful rose whose charm never goes!! May you stand like a stone, firm enough, not to get hit by any adversity!
  8. I treasure you close to my heart. Here are my best wishes to you on International Women’s Day 2018.
  9. Only women are able to be strong and seem weak. Only women are able to be sharp and innocent at the same time. Only women are able to be so different and versatile, and this is the reason why we love them so much. Happy Women’s Day!
  10. As I watch the shooting star flash across the sky.
    I thank it once again for having you in my life!
    I love you, sweetheart!
    Happy Women’s Day


Happy Women’s Day Quotes And Wishes

  1. Today, remember that all life spring from you. Look at the world and smile that without you, life would have been impossible. Enjoy your day to the fullest.
  2. You have stood like a rock in my life,
    You were the only one, who comforted me with your words,
    When I was surrounded by the pains of the world,
    When everything seemed lost, you were there,
    You wiped my tear; it brought us more and nearer
    Life would have been my world would have been meaningless,
    You helped me stand again, and I will promise, I will promise like a shade.
    Happy Women’s Day!
  3. Happy Ladies day! You deserve to be happy today so enjoy your day to the fullest.
  4.  Every successful man is backed up by a woman who is always a step at the forefront of him. Salute to the woman of future.
  5. Every little thing done by you matters a lot to me. Thank you
  6. Any and every success story would not have been complete without the presence of a woman! She always stands firm, by the side of a man when he embarks on his journey of success! She is courage, she is love, she is the future, she the present!! Cheers to the velour of women who have taken up the responsibility on her shoulders!
  7. To the woman of my dream: you fill my days with happiness and my world with love!
  8. Women make us admire them. They make us love, they make us hate – in other words, they make us feel. And we, men, are really grateful to you for it. Thank you and a happy Women’s Day!
  9. We may not be able to see each other or listen to each other often.
    But thoughts of you fill my heart
    with fond memories of the times, we have spent together.
    Thinking of you!
    Happy Women’s Day Sweetheart
  10. You made me what I am when I was nothing. You cried when I cried and smiled when I smiled. You have been a perfect companion for me. I remember you on our Day.


Women’s day wishes – Congratulations quotes and wishes
  1. She wants a free sky,
    Where she can be fly
    She doesn’t ask for the wings,
    Just break up her rings
    Happy Women’s Day
  2. A woman is a life. Her heart is so tender and delightful it is like a drum sounding sweet melodies.
  3. With the creation of the world, you were also added to increase its beauty. The world is mesmerized with the work you have done.
  4. Congratulations, lovely woman. Today you deserve our most beautiful flowers and poetry!
  5. Dear and beloved women! I wish that this wonderful holiday remind you of the joy of motherhood and of happiness in marriage. It’s Women’s Day today so let yourself enjoy being women in full!
  6. A beautiful woman,
    a great friend
    a wonderful mother.
    You are all this to me
    and much more…
    I feel so lucky and proud to have a mom like you.
    Happy Women’s Day to Mother
  7. You have faced adversity through resilience. You have disarmed your problems through a smile. You have buried your tribulations in your heart. What else can I ask from you…Just enjoy this Day.
  8. Behind every successful man is a woman who is getting ahead of him! Three cheers to the woman of tomorrow! Happy Woman’s Day!
  9. Women may you always dream of big things and come up with high aspirations.
  10. Hope your day is sunshine and flowers with happy thoughts to fill the house.


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