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republic day essay for 26 january 2020

January 26 is the Republic Day. We celebrate this day each year. republic day essay for 26 January 2020. Here is a collection of 200 words, 300 words and 600 words essay on republic day essay for 26Januaryy 2020. please check more essay and speech related to republic day essay for 26 January 2020 in Menu or search in the search bar at the top right side of the page.

Republic Day Essay for 26 January 2020 (200 WORDS)

The Republic Day is celebrated all around the nation with fantastic pomp and show. In Delhi, it’s celebrated amidst great excitement and joy.

A particular parade is held on this day. Early in the morning individuals Start to gather at Raj Path and other areas from Rajpath to Red Fort to watch the parade.

A procession begins from Vijay Chowk. Each of the 3 limbs of armed forces participates in the parade. There’s a screen of different arms, tanks, big guns and other weapons of warfare. Military bands play various songs. N.C.C cadets along with the authorities also take part in the parade.

They’re followed by tableaux type different countries. They portray a genuine image of their life and habits of the people of their various state and the progress they’ve made after liberty.

The dancers play and sing virus instruments. Boys and women of local schools and colleges march in accuracy and sing the national tune.

There’s a colourful fly-past be deferent kinds of aero panes. Rose petals are showered in the atmosphere along with also a tricolour of saffron, green and white, the colours of the federal flag, is left behind. Balloons of those clouds float into the atmosphere.

At night all of the government buildings are illuminated as well as the people today go out to see the gorgeous sight.


Republic Day Essay for 26 january 2020 (300 WORDS)


26th January is called Republic Day, that’s distinguished by the people of India annually with fantastic pleasure and excitement. It’s also celebrated to appreciate and don’t forget the historical Freedom of India in the British Rule.

Republic Day Celebration at Schools

Pupils take part in such programmes with fantastic zeal and excitement. A variety of contests such as essay writing, language, painting and drawing etc are all conducted in most of the educational institutions. Students also run plays and skits demonstrating that the Indian independence struggle of freedom fighters.

The government of India organizes a significant event each year from the National capital, New Delhi in which the flag hoisting occasion, Indian Armed Forces parade along with several other tasks are held in the front of the India Gate. People today begin to gather at Rajpath in the early morning to see this fantastic event.

A parade of three limbs of Indian Armed Forces begins in the Vijay Chowk, that also shows the innovative warfare capacities of the nation. Military Bands of all of the regiment, NCC Cadets and ex-army guys also get involved in the parade. Tableaus from all of the countries will also be exhibited after the parade revealing the rich heritage of India. Folk dances and various stunts will also be exhibited by both participants and military personnel on Rajpath.


Republic Day isn’t simply a national festival but it’s a celebration of independence and democracy. This can be the day once we recall our freedom fighters and invite them by paying them due to their immense sacrifice. It’s because of these that we’re living in a democratic country and breathing in an independent nation.


Long Republic Day Essay For 26 January 2020 Of INDIA  (600 WORDS)


26th January 1950 was the afternoon when the Constitution of India came into power. This was the day when India turned into a republic nation following the British rule of 300 decades. Ever since that time we commemorate the day by observing the Republic Day on 26th January each year.

The Constitution of India, which can be thought of as the ultimate law of the nation was framed by Dr B.R. Ambedkar, who had been the chairman of the constitution drafting committee. The hard work and wisdom of Dr Ambedkar and the members of the Sciences helped our country to receive our own constitution that acknowledges India as a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, and Democratic Republic country.

The relevance of Republic Day

Republic Day has significance in each heart of an Indian citizen. This is among those nationwide festivals of India which embarks the feeling of patriotism in everyone’s mind. This is only one of the event which helps to introduce the younger generation to our amazing Indian culture and history. This can be the day once we recall our excellent leaders and freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to the nation.

Republic Day also teaches us the value of unity and the way that it assisted in the Indian freedom struggle to conquer the considerably influential British Empire. Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence movement educates us that the way we could conquer a far powerful enemy without even raising one weapon or losing a drop of blood. Republic Day makes us recall that each of the citizens of the nation is equivalent to its constitution and there’s absolutely no discrimination on the grounds of caste, creed or faith.

The Republic Day is celebrated throughout the nation with complete excitement, zeal, pleasure and off the path, together with the actual sense of patriotism. The parties in schools are extremely frequent sightings on this particular day by which kids are dressed carrying the tricolour and wearing the badges of the great freedom fighters. Flag hoisting ceremonies, cultural programmes, speeches, various contests are conducted in most of the schools in addition to from the private and government offices.

The main celebration Occurs at New Delhi in Rajpath near India Gate on 26th January.

Republic Day Celebration in Rajpath, New Delhi

The Republic Day party starts with the hoisting of the national flag from the President of India in Rajpath in the presence of an honourable Chief Guest.

The scenic event of this Republic Day celebration begins with the parade of the Indian armed forces, that is presided over by the President of India. The parade also stipulates the military capacities of the nation which range from tanks to missiles and fighter jets to firearms. Additionally, there are various mind-blowing performances from the Indian Air Force, Navy and army employees. It’s followed closely by the colourful tableau from several countries which shows the culture and customs of this nation.

Beating the Retreat is the key part of this Republic Day party and likewise an age-old traditional service following the Republic Day. Military Bands, Trumpets, Drums etc from different Army regiments play in sync playing different patriotic songs. Beating the Retreat also marks the official final of the four days Republic Day party with a favourable note.


Republic Day instils the feeling of patriotism in the hearts of these people. This can be the day when most of the citizens of our nation combine together under the only blanket of togetherness and observe the day with zeal and zest. Additionally, it reminds us of the value of democracy and also to carry out our basic duties to produce our nation self reliant, resilient and developed.


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